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Drone services have arrived and will be used to increase safety by different industries from now and into the future. We provide a wide variety of special air services with specialized drones. Having key partnerships with DJI, Proline U.K, Motorola, and 

the Multi Roto Heli company, 

H&K Drone Services is licenced and certified. We offer a range of quality products and services for use in UAV (drone) operations, security, communication and industrial operations. 

Increase your safety record now and fly with us!

Our Pilots in Command

Our Pilots have unique experience from Fixed Wing passenger aircraft licencing to certified Rope Access Technicians in the oil and gas industry.

Why Us?

 We have the latest RPAS (Drone) equipment, highly experienced, and the essential certifications for inspections in confined spaces, tall  structures, and large areas of vessels, infrastructure, and other areas that would prove valuable in time, money, and safety for your organization. 


We offer competitive pricing.

Flight Reviews: $250 ($200 with your own drone)

Aeriel Services: $3000/per day

Special Flight Operation Certificate:  Varies, please contact us.

Surveillance: $200/per hour

Mapping: $3000/per day



Also a member of

Aboriginal Training Services

Aboriginal Training Services

Aboriginal Training Services 

ATS provide advanced drone pilot courses and flight reviews

Canadian Energy & Pipeline Association


Canadian Energy & Pipeline Association 


Canadian Energy Pipeline Association is the leading information hub about Canadian Transmission Pipelines. 

The Canadian Association of Defence and Security Industries


Canadian Association of Defense and Security Industries  (CADSI)

Canada Canada's defence and security sector is a community of 60,000 men and women with a common goal, for the common good. As our military renews itself and industry rises to that challenge, we're building more than ships and satellites and firewalls. 

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