What We Do

 H & K Agents provides clients across North America with high-quality, accurate data. We are committed to providing our clients with the latest technology and drone mapping allows us to do that. Our drone mapping services include photogrammetry and LIDAR for land development, property condition assessment, and architectural engineering firms. Our solutions range from photogrammetry to LIDAR and we can decrease project times, reduce overall costs, and provide timely, detailed, and accurate survey grade results that equal or exceed traditional methods. Regular updates keep projects on track and allow stakeholders to collaborate in a 3D environment during all development phases.

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Aerial Imagery and Mapping

Aerial imagery can reveal critical insights invisible to the naked eye, so high-resolution aerial photography is often used by infrastructure and engineering firms for project documentation and management.

3D Modeling

H & K Agents provides a range of sophisticated 3D modelling solutions to clients across a range of industry verticals.  Our team can generate geo-referenced, high-resolution textured reality meshes for projects at any scale.  These are critical tools for a range of applications, providing detailed spatial context as well as a framework for scenario and environmental modelling.


LiDAR (Light Detection and Ranging) is a highly accurate form of remote sensing used for spatial data collection. Using laser pulses to generate returns from millions of points, LiDAR sensors can generate detailed 3D models of ground, vegetation, and infrastructural conditions.